Exclusive: Claim 5 Burger Free now

Now you can Claim 5 burger by simple steps:

As the new update of the Criminal case game Burger = 120 Energy, that means you will be able to get about 600 energy (5 burger = 5x120 ----> 600 Energy)
How it works?
Follow the instructions:
1-Like and share the post in 3 Facebook Groups.
2-Share the post on Criminal case official page.
(Save the links where you share, it will be required in the application as in instruction number (4))
3-Click here: Win 5 burger now and Complete the offer to go to application page.
Fill the application page.5- Wait a Facebook Gaming Card with 20$ on your mail.
6- Redeem the Card in the game and Claim your 5 burgers or any stuff you want.